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*Unsteady multiphase flows

*Mixing in the periodic pulsating flow

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*The emergence of secondary flows in a pulsating flow around an obstacle
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*Chemical reactor
*Bath. Calculation of fluxes of heat, steam, condensation. Microclimate in room.
*Flows and processes in industrial equipment
*The algorithms reduce errors discrete modeling
*An example of the emergence of temperature stratification
*An example of the distribution of flows in complex reservoirs

*About us

*We are engaged in the computational study of processes occuring in the flowing multi-component mixture.

*This may be steam, gas, liquids, mixtures of gases and liquids, aerosols, suspensions, slurries of solid particles, and so on. We can expect to flow component transformations in each other, for example phase transitions (boiling melt condensation), and other chemical transformations. The main feature of our approach is that using a special physical and mathematical formulation of the problem of flow, we have implemented efficient algorithms to quickly count transient and periodic tasks.

*Engineers know that the calculation of the flow using commercially available software tools is a time-consuming, costly and time-consuming venture. As the result, an opinion was formed that the study design of flows can be carried out only within the framework of large development projects. A multivariate research is normally faced to the necessity of huge effort.

*With our truly innovative methods obtaining one calculation variant result usually takes from several seconds to 10-15 minutes, which allows one to consider dozens of options for design and operational parameters in a few days, and to issue recommendations on the optimal design or mode of operation.

*Our tools are used for a long time to solve the problems of unit calculation for industrial use. Now, this proven technology has become available to a wide community of users. Not only a rich organization, but also inquisitive students can take advantage of our service. Those who want to optimize arrangement of a heater in the house or construction of a bath are also our welcomed customers. Remember that flows are all around us, and many household tasks may be the reasons for a small study (for example, where to put the fridge to save energy, how to better ventilate the room in winter, etc.). Of course, we are happy to help serious designers in analyzing the characteristics of flow in different devices.

*You will be surprised to know that in many cases, the calculation of the flow domain in the modern PC is faster than real time!